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aonrobo – a Key Retail Shopping Private Limited Product

We at aonrobo (Key Retail Shopping Private Limited) believe that technology is not only meant for a select few, but also should be accessible and affordable to all people. It is with this mission in mind, we create products with IoT technology, that cater to a large audience ranging from a rural farmer, to the urban tech consumer, to even different kinds of businesses. Challenging the challenges with our innovation and iconic aonrobo solutions and product designs.

In a Smart Home system the appliances like LED, Fan, AC, Refrigerator, heater, music player etc. are connected on a network with the help of some sensors and actuators and communicate with each other and can be controlled remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.

aonrobo has made great strides in demonstrating the importance of stylish and carefully-crafted Home Automation System with its best of quality and technology with their innovative designs and technology with the bests of their R&D team. aonrobo is stepping into the direct Customer market to deliver the Indian Products to direct customers